We are thrilled to announce that imToken now officially supports imKey users in participating in non-custodial ETH staking. As a dedicated token management tool, imToken consistently strives to deliver a secure and user-friendly experience.

Our non-custodial ETH staking solution ensures maximum user ownership and control over staked assets, eliminating concerns about the operational aspects of validator nodes.

Simply update your imToken to the latest version 2.14.1, and you can participate in non-custodial ETH staking through imKey. After participating in staking, you can easily view and claim staking incentives for it via the protocol, and exit staking at any time according to your preferences and needs.

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How to download / update to the latest version of imToken?

  • For Android users
    • New users: Go to the imToken official website (https://token.im) and download.
    • Existing users: Update directly in the app.
  • For iOS users: Go to App Store and download.
    Note: imToken is not listed in App Store in Mainland China.

You can also send "Download" to [email protected] to get the link of the latest version of imToken.

Finally, please always remember

  • Make sure that all wallets are properly backed up before upgrading
  • Never disclose your private key, seed phrase, or keystore

Learn more: https://token.im