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imToken 2.15.1 brings a fresh look with revamped account management, including improved adding and switching methods, custom tags, derived address generation, and support for imToken Card accounts. The built-in swap feature now supports more popular networks such as Base and BSC.

This update is as follows 👇👇👇

  • New design for a fresh look
  • Enhanced account management experience
    • Optimized account adding and switching methods
    • Derived address functionality for easier multi-account creation
    • Custom tagging for faster account retrieval
    • Support for imToken Card accounts
  • Other features
    • Support for popular networks like Blast, Merlin, etc.
    • Built-in swap feature now supports Base and BSC
    • Passwordless payments across all accounts

A Fresh Look

imToken 2.15.1 introduces a new unified color scheme, refreshing the interface for a cohesive visual experience across all operations.

Enhanced Account Management Experience

Optimized account adding and switching methods for simplified operations

imToken introduces a new account management mode, simplifying complex concepts into wallets and accounts, helping you gain a clearer understanding of your token situation and effortlessly manage tokens.

To add accounts, just navigate to "My Profile" on the imToken homepage, then select "Manage wallets" where you can now add up to 100 accounts. If you need to delete an account, simply click "Remove" in the wallet settings page. Additionally, quick account switching is available in the top left corner of the wallet homepage.

英1.pngAdding accounts

Introduction of derived address functionality for easier multi-account creation

imToken introduces derived address functionality, allowing you to manage tokens across multiple chains with just one set of mnemonic phrases. You can also add multiple sub-accounts on the same network, enhancing management efficiency and privacy protection.

To create more accounts, you can access "Advanced" for derived address settings by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the account adding page. Moreover, you can customize the account derivation path, with options for Ledger or BIP44 address types.

英2.pngDerived address generation

Custom tagging for faster account retrieval

imToken introduces a custom tagging feature for faster account retrieval. Access the account details page by clicking the ">" icon on the wallet homepage to edit tags for each account. Customize tags based on your preferences or usage, enabling quick identification of accounts.

英3.pngCustom tags

Support for imToken Card accounts

imToken now supports adding imToken Card accounts. Eligible users who have successfully applied for the card can simply swipe down on the add account page and select imToken Card. Once added, you can easily view and manage your imToken Card account within imToken. For specific steps, refer to "How to get an imToken Card".

Other Features

Added support for popular networks such as Blast, Merlin, etc.

imToken now supports popular networks like Blast, Merlin, Metis Andromeda, Conflux eSpace, and Manta Pacific. Simply navigate to "My Profile" -> "Manage wallets" to add corresponding accounts. Switch to the desired network on the homepage, then click "DApp" to explore popular applications.

Built-in swap feature now supports exchanges on Base and BSC

imToken has optimized the swap function, offering a richer token exchange experience. Begin your exchange journey on the market page.

Passwordless payments across all accounts

imToken now supports password-free payments for all accounts, improving convenience and security in transactions.

How to download

  • For Android users
    • New users: Go to the imToken official website (https://token.im) and download.
    • Existing users: Update directly in the app.
  • For iOS users: Go to App Store and download.
    Note: imToken is not listed in App Store in Mainland China.

You can also send "Download" to [email protected] to get the link of the latest version of imToken.

Finally, please always remember

  • Make sure that all wallets are properly backed up before upgrading
  • Never disclose your private key, seed phrase, or keystore
  • Learn more: https://token.im