According to the announcement by the Bytom Blockchain, the official team will cease all technical support for the BTM tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain as of 15:59, 30th September 2018 (UTC). To prevent the loss of asset, users with BTM issued on the Ethereum blockchain are recommended to transfer it from imToken into an exchange that supports the mainnet token swapping service.

Why the need to execute mainnet token mapping?

The Bytom blockchain was founded backed in June 2017, it’s mainnet went live on 24th April 2018. The BTM token will be swapped on a ratio of 1:1 from the Ethereum blockchain to the Bytom blockchain.

Where can users conduct the swap?

According to the announcement from the official Bytom team, users can conduct BTM token swap at Huobi (, (, ( by sending in the BTM on the Ethereum blockchain into the exchange, please be reminded to conduct the swap as soon as possible.