MegaCryptoPolis, the first City Building game on blockchain is starting their game economy pre-sale. And the best: It is already ready to play.

Starting today, the limited pre-sale of unique characters and a chance to win the ultimate astronaut citizen is on - Click MegaCryptoPolis and become a part of it.

Opening MCP on imToken, you will find land on which you can construct buildings. Already today, you can upgrade buildings and buy and sell items on the marketplace. All those in-game transactions are verified by smart contracts and all activities stored within the Ethereum blockchain.

Our experience with MegaCryptoPolis

Opening the DApp, we first, checked out the 3D demo on their site. We are proud to say, that it actually works on mobile! In imToken! Check it out!


Second, and most importantly the full game will come with an in-game economy: Trading resources, citizens + their pets, appliances and more. Every items has specific features and traits. This weeks pre-sale will get you resources for that economy, while the economy itself starts in mid-end 2019.

The screenshot below shows a couple of villas, available to trade on the in-game marketplace.

Buy a handful of packages of pre-sale game assets for unique characters and a chance to win the ultimate astronaut citizen.

In short, MegaCryptoPolis is like SimCity, but way cooler. Being built on Ethereum, in-game items are digital collectibles that you will be able to sell for cash on OpenSea (under the games category).

Digital collectibles on the blockchain

A digital trading card that you buy on for example ebay can be cloned and therefore not verifiable unique.

On Ethereum, every digital collectible can be represented by a unique token, with an unique number attached to it.

Having a unique number, each collectible (also known as a non-fungible token, ERC721) has unique characteristics, and therefore unique value.

Start building the city and get early bonus + lucky draws. Buying limit packages in pre-sale will get you unique items and a chance to receive the astronaut.