With imToken 2.4.0, we officially launch our collaboration with HashQuark, who sponsor 1 month of 0% commission, and on top of that give another 5% ATOM rewards extra!

The event has already started and ends by 24:00 on May 24th 2019.
How to participate
Simply click on "Staking" in your Cosmos wallet,
or on "ATOM Staking" on the market view.


0% Commision + 5% Reward Bonus with HashQuark
During the event, all users delegating ATOMs to HashQuark via imToken are not only paying zero commission, but - on top of that - enjoy an additional 5% bonus in ATOM! We are excited to bring you this most exclusive deal on the whole network!

Event participation rules:

  • The first 1 million ATOM delegated to HashQuark, receive 10% pledge fee +5% extra bonus in ATOM;
  • For every ATOM above the first 1 million delegated ATOM, the full commission of 10% will be refunded;
  • The weekly earnings are measured until Fridays and paid out before midnight the following Monday;
  • The daily snapshot of Staking amounts happens daily at a random time. Any ATOM deposited during the snapshot obtains the mining bonus. ATOM deposited after the snapshot on a certain day will only receive the mining bonus of the next day.


HashQuark is a mining pool that focuses on PoS, DPoS and other public chains consensus mechanisms. Besides Cosmos, HashQuark is also supporting nodes and masternode of many public chains including IRISnet, Cybex, CyberMiles, V SYSTEMS, VeChain, etc.

Everyone enjoy mining, and experience the reward of Staking!

Stay tuned, follow our social channels to get updates on more events like this!