Starting today, May 23rd, until June 6th, we celebrate the official launch together with HyperSnakes’ 5 giveaway events, including huge gifts, awards, and bonuses on imToken 2.0.

  • Be one of the top 30 gold diggers, and win the Worldwide search for the snake champion 💰
  • Open the Airdrop Treasure Box and win 📦
  • Get the duo: Snake x Dragon! Purchase a snake battlefield win a rare HyperDragon! 🐍🐉
  • Invite friends, play together and win!👪
  • Join HyperSnakes community win an awesome gift! 😃

Open imToken and start winning …



Event 1: Worldwide search for the snake champion!

During the event, the top 30 users with highest daily gold coins acquisition from the training mode will get respective prizes. Any snake gets killed in the training mode will drop gold coins.

You will receive the reward each following day (note: for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays the reward distributed happens on the following Monday).

1st: 0.05 ETH
2nd: 0.03 ETH
3rd: 0.02 ETH
4th to 9th: 0.015 ETH/ person
10th to 20th: 0.01ETH/ person
21st to 30th: 0.005ETH/ person



Event 2: Airdrop Treasure Box!

1) During the event, when the player opens the “Airdrop Treasure Box” in the “Snake King Mode” game, there will be the chance to obtain the “Airdrop bounty“ reward containing a random number of ETH.

2) “Airdrop Treasure Box” appears max. once per battle. Once the player receives the airdrop, the player needs to survive until the end of the game to get the airdrop amount into the wallet.
If the player gets killed though, the collected bounty is lost.




Event 3: Snake x Dragon, ultimate duo! Purchase a snake battlefield win a rare HyperDragon!

During the event, the first 20 users who purchase the snake battlefields will get a three-skilled HyperDragon after the event has ended. (There is no reward if the player sells the battlefield).

Reward time: within 3 working days after the event ends.



Event 4: Get rewards inviting friends, play HyperSnakes together!

The top 10 players with the most active invitations during the event will receive the reward. The invitee must complete at least one “Snake King Mode” to be considered a valid invitation.

Reward time: within 3 working days after the event ends

1st place: 1 ETH
2nd place: 0.5 ETH
3rd place: 0.15 ETH
4th — 6th: 0.1 ETH per person
7th — 10th: 0.05 ETH per person



Event 5: Community effort-reward, join HyperSnakes community win an awesome gift!

During the event, join the HyperSnakes WeChat/ Telegram community and provide the admin with an in-game info-page screenshot and wallet addresses in the game. The official team will randomly select 10 players and give out a 0.03ETH reward for each.

Furthermore, you can write a tutorial for HyperSnakes and submit it to customer service. The author who passed the official review can get exclusive snakeskin.

Reward time: within 3 working days after the event ends