A new generation of decentralized currency exchange platform, Tokenlon is officially launched and integrated in the imToken wallet! Since launch of the public beta in May, Tokenlon's total turnover has reached $30 million, with a daily maximum of 4,700 ETH transactions.

In order to thank everyone for their support for the Tokenlon public launch, we distribute rich prizes for the highest trading volumes.

BTW, use Tokenlon during the campaign, and easter eggs are waiting for you! Don't miss it!


The campaign is running:

2019.7.31 - 2019.8.30 12:00 (UTC/GMT +8:00)


Dominate the ranking list and get rich rewards.


Download and use imToken 2.4.6 or above to participate in the activity.

The ranking of the list is snapshot every Friday noon (UTC/GMT +08:00) for statistics and liquidation.

The first week's activity starts on Wednesday (July 31), so the first edition of the list counted transactions for only three days until Friday.