Mibao is an NFT platform that is launched by Nervina Labs, an eco-team of the blockchain Nervos. NFT players can explore various interesting NFTs in Mibao, transferring and collecting their favorite NFTs.

Users can also receive and transfer Mibao NFTs with their Ethereum wallet addresses. 

Let's take a look at the detailed tutorial of using Mibao in imToken.

1. Search for "Mibao" in imToken "Browse". After you open "Mibao", you can see an assortment of NFTs such as Art, Memento, Photography etc .


2. Click "My" and click “Connect to imToken” to log in.


3. Click the button in the upper left corner to view your CKB address which can be used to receive Mibao NFTs. Users can also receive Mibao NFTs through Ethereum addresses. 

Note: If you want to view Mibao NFTs received through Ethereum network, you need to open the Mibao DApp in the Ethereum wallet. 


4. Click the NFT you own to see detailed information. If you want to send it to your friends, you can click "Transfer" and fill in the recipient's address. 


If you want to experience how to mint NFTs, head over to Golden Legend, a one-stop platform for NFT players to create and distribute  NFTs. 

Create some NFTs and distribute them to your friends :)

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