We are 6 years old: 2016 - 2022!

For this special moment, we have prepared a sixth anniversary limited edition NFT and other gifts for you. Let's celebrate together!
Join our online party by completing the following tasks to get 2 NFTs, Fan NFT and Partner NFT.  We have also prepared the imToken 6th anniversary NFT for users who earn both versions of NFTs. LFG! Invite your friends to join our online party to earn a limited edition NFT! And imKey Pro hardware wallet for lucky winners.



Event Time: 2022/5/27 14:00 - 2022/6/3 23:59 (SGT)


Task 1: 

  • Upload a photo of you and imToken in the form to get the Fan NFT
    • Plus, your photo will be a part of the puzzle on our Fan NFT
  • After filling out the form, you can share the form to your friends to participate, and you will have the opportunity to get imToken’s 6th Anniversary limited edition NFT. We will send out the NFT to the top 50 people by successful invitations after the event

Task 2: 

Users who complete all the above tasks can get imToken 6th anniversary NFT. At the same time, we will randomly select 60 users from them to reward:

  • imKey Pro hardware wallet *10
  • imToken Desktop Crypto Ticker*10 
  • imToken gift package *20
  • imToken T-shirt *20

imToken 6th Anniversary NFT will no longer be issued to users who have obtained imToken 6th Anniversary Limited Edition NFT.

We will announce the winners on the imToken Discord on June 10th and distribute NFTs (Fan version, Partner version and 6th anniversary NFT need to be collected by users on Project Galaxy, and the 6th anniversary limited NFT will be sent directly to the winning user address by us), the physical rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends.