OP token is claimable now! In the 1st round of airdrop, a total of 248,699 addresses are eligible to claim OP. Please follow the steps below to claim.

Prerequisite: Please make sure you have enough ETH in your Optimism wallet to pay the gas fees, if not, you can click “Deposit” to bridge ETH from your ETH wallet to Optimism wallet.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open your Optimism wallet, switch to the browser page and click “Optimism Airdrop”. Scroll the page to the bottom and click “CLAIM TOKENS”.


2. Learn about Optimism and answer three questions.


3. Click “Next Step” to enter the “Read the constitution” page, scroll the page to the bottom and check the “I have read and understand the constitution” box. Click “Continue” to enter the delegate page.


4. Choose your interests, click “View delegates” to choose a delegate to make governance decisions on your behalf. After that, click “Claim and delegate” and you will see the “Claim airdrop” pop-up. Click “Claim OP” and “Delegate” in the pop-up.


5. Back to the wallet page after you see the prompt “Claim successful”. Click “+” and you can see your claimed OP tokens. Click “+” on the right to add it to your wallet page.


Note: You can trade OP on Uniswap (Optimism). Search “Uniswap” in imToken’s browser page and if you want to sell OP tokens.

Not eligible for the first round of airdrop? Don’t worry, in fact there are more OP airdrops in the future! Get involved right now to increase your odds. Check here to see how to use Optimism with imToken.