BCH address has three different formats, imToken supports the CashAddr format. Different wallets and exchanges are supporting different address format. Therefore, please make sure to use the correct address when transferring and receiving coins to avoid asset loss.

Use imToken to send out BCH


Use imToken to receive BCH



  • Don’t transfer BCH into BTC wallet address, also do not transfer BTC into BCH wallet address
  • Different kind of BCH wallet address are derived from the same private key. You cannot transfer them to each other
  • The address format from BCH transaction records in imToken is CashAddr format. For example, you set the Legacy address  1QHHy8EdWSN72Uw5GivUK95U7RGSQMoX35 as recipient address, which will be automatically converted to CashAddr, like bitcoincash: qrl4ldj6p27d602z7y806qs2wz4jdxv3eyq9jgv4gm