What is the child address of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin wallet is built as a  Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) framework, which is a method for generating and managing different addresses. Each public address of your wallet will be generated from your wallet's Extended Public Key (xPub).

If you use the same address to receive Bitcoin, everyone can track all your transaction records easily. By creating a new address, a child address, you are better able to maintain your privacy.

How to create child address

1. Open the BTC wallet and click "..." in the top right corner of the asset homepage, and click “Advanced" - "Wallet Address". 


2. Click "+ Add" to add a new child address and check the newly created address.


3. Open the Receive page and click "... “ - "Child Address" to switch to the newly created child address.



  1. The assets displayed by the main address of the BTC wallet = the actual assets of the main address + the child address assets + the change address assets
  2. Each address has a unique plaintext private key, but you don’t need to backup the private key of each address separately. As long as you have backed up a set of mnemonics corresponding to the BTC wallet, which means you have backuped the private key of each child address.
  3. Do not use child address to receive Omni USDT.