According to the announcement by the official Nebulas team; as of 31st Oct, 2018, 0800 (UTC), Nebulas will cease all technical support for the token swap of NAS tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. To avoid the loss of assets, users are reminded to conduct the necessary token swap procedures for NAS tokens via an exchange which supports the process before the stated deadline.

Why The Need to Execute Token Swap?

The Nebulas blockchain was established in June 2017, an ERC20 compatible NAS token was issued on the Ethereum blockchain for the users. The Nebulas blockchain’s mainnet (version 1.0.0 Eagle Nebula) went live on the 30th March 2018, and only the native NAS tokens on the Nebulas mainnet allows interaction with the Nebulas mainnet blockchain, including transactions execution, DApp development and more.

As such, the Nebulas official team made an announcement on the requirement for holders of the ERC20 NAS tokens to conduct a token swap, with a 1:1 ratio to receive an equivalent of the native NAS token before the stipulated deadline stated above.

Where to Conduct The Token Swap?

Users can swap their NAS tokens at Huobi ( and ( by depositing NAS ERC20 tokens directly to these exchanges. Users are once again reminded to conduct the token swap at their earliest convenience.

Please do note that the ERC20 NAS deposit address starts with 0x.