imToken 1.5.0 is released, the main focus of updates for this iteration revolves around the implementation of one-click to migrate your wallets to imToken 2.0.

Migrate your wallet to imToken 2.0 with one-click, and experience the exciting and stable services of imToken 2.0!

imToken 2.0 supports multi-chain wallet, such as ETH, BTC and EOS, transfer acceleration, decentralized exchange and variety of exciting DApps.

Note: following the release of 1.5.0, you are encouraged to upgrade to imToken 2.0, our team will be primarily focus on the development for imToken 2.0, imToken 1.0 will be maintained but with decreased activity.


How to Update imToken 1.0

  1. Android users: Download the latest 1.0 version from imToken website,
  2. iOS users: Download the latest 1.0 version on non-China Apple Appstore.


imToken 2.0 is now live, please visit our blog for tutorial on how to update from 1.0 to 2.0,


Also, please go through our video tutorial for the one-click upgrade function


If you face any difficulty or have any suggestion for us, please submit your feedback directly within the app. Users who submit constructive feedbacks to us will stand a chance to win some tokens of appreciation from imToken.


A Reminder for All

  1. Please ensure that your wallet is securely backed-up, writing the Mnemonic Phrase down on a physical paper is the recommended way.
  2. Please refrain from sharing your Private Key, Mnemonic Phrase or Keystore with anyone! imToken team will never request for user’s Private Key, Mnemonic Phrase or Keystore from you. If you found out that there are anyone pretending to be imToken team or phishing website, please report them to us at [email protected] immediately.
  3. Please go through our support center,, for more information about imToken.