Still using imToken 1.0? Upgrade to imToken 2.0 today to enjoy the updated DEX, newly revamped DApp store and to join the Christmas Gift Packs lucky draw, limited time only!


The Christmas Gift Packs LUCKY DRAW!


Are you thinking “what do I get even if I upgrade to 2.0”?


IF the awesome features in imToken 2.0 is not enough to satisfy you (which we know is highly unlikely), for a limited time starting today, upgrade to imToken 2.0 and you stand a chance to win a special gift pack!


The event is jointly brought to you by imToken, Gods Unchained and HyperDragon.


Event duration: 12/24, 11am - 01/02, 10:59am (UTC+8)

Potential rewards: TFT (TokenFans Token), HyperDragon, and Gods Unchained card skin (special imToken version)


If you upgrade to imToken 2.0, you will be prompted with a pop-up to participate in the lucky draw event, simple click “imToken 2.0 Christmas Gift Pack!” to test your luck.


Remember, only one chance per wallet address and one chance per device.



If luck is on your side and you won, the prizes (TFT token and/or the HyperDragon) will be sent directly to your wallet.


To win a special imToken Gods Unchained card skin, simply follow the instructions, share the poster to your social media and you will be eligible to claim it!


Experience the HyperDragon and Gods Unchained DApps in imToken 2.0

Now you have HyperDragon and Gods Unchained card skin, you will be able to check your winnings in the assets page under the “collectibles” tab.


To play the games, simply move on to our DApp browser and input “HyperDragon” or “Gods Unchained” in the search field. Immerse yourself in the realistic graphic gaming experience today!

One-click to Migrate Your Wallets to imToken 2.0