2018 was a year worthy of reflection. We witness a roller coaster ride of cryptocurrency prices, many lost their faith yet many persevered on, continue to explore the unknown as a pioneer.


At the beginning of a new year, we are sharing some of the statistics and major checkpoints we crossed throughout year 2018.


2018 imToken Accumulated Installed Devices Broke 7mio


  • imToken accumulated installed devices reaches 7.51mio
  • Android & iOS ratio stands at 7:2
  • Top 10 non-mainland Chinese countries: USA, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand


2018 imToken Accumulated Transactions Count Broke 2.45mio


  • Accumulated transactions: 2.45mio
  • Top 10 tokens transacted: ETH, EOS, BTC, MST, BEC, BNB, HT, BITE, MT, VGS, HMS, AIT,


2018 imToken Major Milestones


  • May 31st. Completed Series A funding by IDG Capital, taking a step into the international market.
  • May 31st. Released imToken 2.0 RC version, after 5 beta iterations.
  • June 14th. Released EOS wallet and EOS BP voting DApp
  • July 31st. Launched imToken 2.0. Inauguration of imToken Ventures.
  • October 24th. imToken went open-source.
  • October 31st. Sponsored Devcon IV, announced investment into imKey.
  • November 30th. Kick-started imToken 2.0 migration campaign. The very beginning of a new journey.


2018 imToken Partnership Statistics


  • Supported tokens: 70,000
  • Supported trading pairs: 3848
  • EOS DApp partners: 17
  • ETH DApp partners: 34

Well-received ETH partners with users in 2018:

  • Kyber
  • MakerDAO
  • LoopringDEX
  • DDEX
  • Compound

Most popular ETH projects with users in 2018:

  • Luxe

  • ENS

Most popular ETH games with users in 2018:

  • HyperDragons

  • Gods Unchained

Most popular EOS BP partners in 2018:

  • EOSPark

  • EOS Asia

Well-received EOS partners with users in 2018:

  • Bank of Staked


  • CPU Emergency

  • EOS Recover


A big thank you to all the partners!


2018 List of Important Community to Express Our Gratitude


imToken received tremendous support from our community members, we would like to express our gratitude to:


The translators (in no order of merit)

  • Japanese: 小白、杨玉林
  • Korean: 阿赖、李施恩、子非鱼
  • German: Phillipp Seifert
  • French: 李奕浩、赵爽
  • Spanish: 边首道、廖开迪
  • Russian: 赵一楠
  • Vietnamese: 黎志文
  • Filipino: Roosevelt Nelson Ang
  • Thai: Rit Bencharit
  • Turkish: Napster


Thank you, our Telegram Moderators

  • EN:Dx
  • CN:提莫


We appreciate all the help and support throughout the year!


2018 Special Mentions


The support from our community is is our motivation to move forward.


JithinZak @ZakJithin:

I would love to summarize my experience with imToken in  a single word - "WOW"


CryptoPinapple @nibupraju:

Easly the best wallet I have. I have never installed any other wallet. Simple to use yet give the best experience. Super cool interface as well


Raichel @crypto_chechi:

imToken is the best wallet in the market today. No nonsense, pure business ... Love imToken 2.0. keep surprising always


AimeeSerah @AimeeSerah:

One of the best wallet i use. The best part is the Dex. imToken is the best wallet happend to me.


Kunari @Kunari11:

I love the simplicity of imToken. Even my 6 year old girl can use it. Another factor I like is that it's a full package which includes in inbuilt Dex as well. Good work imToken


2018 Services Statistics


Throughout 2018, we have provided services for our users including


1603 Token Profile verifications;

140000 lines of codes;

387 different iterations (builds);

10 supported languages;

879 tweets, 6590 Twitter followers;

252 articles published on support center;

67293 support tickets answered, 365 days, 9.95mio words replied...


Little by little, the effort accumulated.

And we will always be there, supporting you.


A new year, a list of new objectives.

We will hold on to our values, and move forward.


2019,Let’s make Blockchain happen!