With the support of MakerDAO and DAI 💰, we got around 12000 people involved in (almost) creating a CDP -> 732 CDPs were created.



During the ongoing bear market some of our imToken users do not want to sell their ETH tokens. For those hodlers, MakerDAO gives an opportunity to take out loans in a stable currency: DAI. But, understanding how to make use of the CDP system is not easy.

That’s , we designed an activity around interacting with the CDP Portal DApp and learning to issue loans.

From January 16th to 22nd we let as many users as possible to check out MakerDAO CDPs. As you may have read before (see), you were able to open imToken -> click on the CDP Portal and win by opening a CDP.

The CDP Education Campaign in Numbers

We reached 12000 people checking out the CDP Portal, with a peak at 4000 people on January 17th, which is almost 20 times a normal day.

Finally, these interested users clicking on the DApp, resulted in 732 opened CDPs in the relevant time frame, which account for around 85% of all CDPs created during that time.

image1.pngAround 5 out of 6 involved users were Chinese.

We also note that some of the CDPs got bitten (see here on MakerScan), with an - on average - small sum of outstanding ETH.

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