What is bandwidth and energy?

Energy and bandwidth on the TRON network are system resources used for transactions and the execution of smart contracts.:

1. The bandwidth represents the bytes of a transaction. For example, if the transfer transaction is 250 bytes, it will consume 250 bandwidth.

2. Energy represents the time spent on smart contract execution. For example, if smart contract execution consumes 100 μs, it consumes 100 energy.

How to get bandwidth and energy?

There are three methods to obtain bandwidth and energy

Method 1: Rent with TRX (Recommended)

Click "Rent" on the TRON wallet to launch Feee.io. Enter the amount of energy and duration, and click "Pay" to complete the rental. Click here for a detailed tutorial.

Method 2: Burn TRX

Transfer 50-100 TRX into your TRX wallet and when making transactions, a small amount of TRX will be burned to provide the bandwidth and energy required for the transaction.

Method 3: Freeze TRX

Click "Resource"  on the TRON wallet to launch Tron Stake 2.0, select the type of resource you want to obtain, and enter the number of TRX you want to freeze. It is recommended to freeze at least 3,000 TRX. Frozen TRX can be unfrozen immediately, but you have to wait 14 days and manually retrieve the funds.

Note: Stake 1.0 has stopped its freezing service and only supports unfreezing. If you want to retrieve the TRX frozen in Stake 1.0, click on "Unfreeze V1 Staked TRX" in the "Resource" page to launch Stake 1.0 for unfreezing.​​​​


  1. Some transactions need to consume energy, such as smart contract calls (TRC-20 transfer and DApp interaction)
  2. The bandwidth and energy resources consumed will gradually recover within 24 hours