We are happy to announce that StakeWise is now live on imToken. 

The mission of imToken is to build an open environment for users to experience and connect with DApp and wallet. Like Rocket Pool, Eth 2.0 staking, Lido, imToken keeps adding support for reliable Eth 2.0 staking protocols to bring more choices for our users. 

What is StakeWise?

StakeWise is an Ethereum 2.0 staking service that strives to achieve the highest possible yield for users. StakeWise runs a secure and stable banking-grade infrastructure, by enabling yield farming and theoretically also compound staking with unique tokenomics, and by charging low fees. Anyone with at least 0.001 ETH can participate. 

Why use StakeWise?

StakeWise offers a StakeWise non-custodial staking pool to allow participants to stake the amount of ETH larger than 0.001 ETH in the pool with receiving sETH2 upon deposit. sETH is the token that represents your staking deposit. Your deposit reward will be released to your address as rETH2.

Distinguished from other staking protocols, the token structure of StakeWise uses a dual token design structure, which enables users to transfer or exchange their deposits and earn ETH2 for other assets, if they want. Dual structure of StakeWise separates the users holding into different risk classes, avoids impermanent loss when providing liquidity with 10% APY.

How to use StakeWise on imToken 

Search  “StakeWise” on imToken’s DApp browser, and then start to stake your ETH in StakeWise.


If you want to learn more about Eth2 staking, please check : 

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