You’ll get the error if the wallet address you entered into the exchange does not match the withdrawal method you selected.

Before extracting tokens from an exchange, you need to first understand whether imToken supports the managed blockchain network. If you use imToken to manage a blockchain network that it does not support, you may encounter the issue where the exchange shows a successful withdrawal, but the tokens do not display in the wallet.

We list the wallets supported by imToken and the corresponding withdrawal networks in the table below.

Wallet Withdrawal method
TRX Wallet TRX、TRC10、TRC20
BTC Wallet Bitcoin
ETH Wallet ERC20、ERC721、ERC1155
BSC Wallet BSC、BEP20
Polygon Wallet Polygon
Fantom Wallet Fantom
Arbitrum Wallet Arbitrum One
Celo Wallet CELO
Avalanche Wallet AVAX C-Chain
Cronos Wallet CRO
zkSync Era Wallet zkSync Era
Optimism Wallet Optimism
Base Wallet Base
Linea Wallet Linea
OKX Chain Wallet OKTC
Mantle Wallet Mantle
PlatON Wallet PlatON
opBNB Mainnet Wallet opBNB
Aurora Wallet Aurora
Klaytn Wallet Klaytn
Harmony Wallet Harmony
ETC Wallet Ethereum Classic
ETHW Wallet EthereumPoW
ATOM Wallet Cosmos
FIL Wallet Filecoin
EOS Wallet EOS
CKB Wallet Nervos Network
BCH Wallet BitcoinCash
LTC Wallet Litecoin
KSM Wallet Kusama
DOT Wallet Polkadot
XTZ Wallet Tezos

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