Built on Socket, FundMovr helps you to bridge assets


Continuing our recent push on Layer2, we are adding FundMovr to imToken! Built on Socket, the bridge lets you send a large number of tokens between 8 chains and Layer 2s.

Socket aims to “unify the multichain ecosystem by connecting all chains and enabling seamless asset & information transfer b/w them.” So far FundMovr supports Polygon, Ethereum, Optimism, BSC, Gnosis Chain (formerly xDAI), Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche.

Why FundMovr? And how does it work?

Currently users go through the hassle of switching between different bridge providers to get the fastest and cheapest routes. Fundmovr instead finds the best routes for users and allows for bridging between any token on one chain to any other supported token on the destination, giving a seamless and smooth experience!

Similar to other bridges we covered earlier (see Hop and Multichain),  FundMovr does allow you to send your assets from any chain (including L2s) too. Built on Socket, the DApp aggregates multiple native as well as multichain bridges (like Hop, Multichain for example) as well as DEXs (like Paraswap and 1inch) to become a one-stop for bridging needs.



How to use FundMovr on imToken

To get started, download the latest imToken from Google Play, Apple App Store, or directly at token.im.

Enter your wallet, and switch to your favorite in the top menu: ‘Ethereum Mainnet’, ‘Arbitrum’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Gnosis Chain’ and many others.


Search for ‘FundMovr’ in the ‘Browser’ and start bridging.

Stay tuned for more Layer 2 news from us!


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