We are happy to announce that imToken has integrated Quixotic, an NFT marketplace!

What is Quixotic?

Quixotic is the first NFT marketplace on Optimism, the popular Layer 2 scaling solution. As we all know, transactions on Layer 2 are cheaper and faster compared to Layer 1. Using L2 can save you up 100x on gas fees! Thanks to Optimism, Quixotic is a better choice for you to sell, discover, and collect NFTs with lower fees.

Quixotic launched on Optimism in December 2021, and in just 3 months, it has facilitated 200+ ETH in total volume, making it hard to ignore the development of the NFT platform. Presently, Quixotic supports over 50 collections and counting, including Dope Wars, OptiPunks, Optimistic Bunnies, OE40s, and more.

Our opinion: NFT veterans, as well as newbies, should check it out, and see how the marketplace kicks up dust on the old marketplace narrative!

How to use Quixotic on imToken?

To get started, download the latest imToken from Google Play, Apple App Store.

Enter your wallet, and switch to “Optimism” in the top menu.


Search “Quixotic” on the DApp browser to enter into Quixotic. Connect your imToken wallet via WalletConnect to easily buy and sell NFTs on Quixotic.


It’s always worth trying new projects on new blockchains, so go ahead and give it a spin. 

Stay in touch for more Layer 2 news~!

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