Edit: Arbitrum has paused their Odyssey campaign, which is why we also pause the Iliad campaign. Iliad will return when Odyssey continues. Stay up to date on our Twitter.


Use Arbitrum on imToken and win Arbitrum’s Odyssey NFTs, plus the 12 Zodiacs & more


From the wars of the bull market, sinking ships of crypto lenders, we welcome all survivors!

Welcome to the imToken Iliad!

This one is simple: Join Arbitrum’s Odyssey campaign while using imToken! For double rewards, and double fun. 

Here is how to get started!

Win double: Odyssey + 12 Zodiacs and more

Starting today, the Arbitrum team invites you on a journey to explore Layer 2. For 8 weeks, Arbitrum offers rewards. For 8 weeks imToken offers additional rewards on top.

Get started here: https://galaxy.eco/imToken/campaign/GCekdUt1tE 

Or read the details below 👇

Win double? Use imToken!

Use the imToken app and win double! Rules:

  • Event time and rules are the same as Odyssey
  • Note: Only wallet addresses that use imToken are eligible for Iliad NFTs
  • Note: We do not count the usage of fiat on-ramps, and only count the receiving addresses in bridge transactions
  • For questions, please join the imToken Discord community

Get started here: https://galaxy.eco/imToken/campaign/GCekdUt1tE 

Which NFTs? Take a look👇

image1.png9 out of 12 handcrafted Zodiacs

Week 1

Use any of the 19 selected Arbitrum projects, to earn rewards. 1 Odyssey NFT, and 1 bonus Odyssey NFT for users of the top DApp (by ETH volume).

👉Use imToken and add: Our Moon and our Earth NFT. Like Bull and Bear, Yin and Yang.

Week 2 to 8

Use up to 2 Arbitrum DApps per week, to win each of the 14 Odyssey NFT. And if you collect at least 13 of the 16 NFTs Arbitrum adds an exclusive Ratwell & Sugoi-designed NFT.

👉Use imToken and add: The 12 Zodiac NFTs, plus our Astronaut and our Spaceship NFT. Into the Arbi-verse! 🌌

👉And, 1 special NFT done by our secret, popular NFT artist.


Campaign rules overview

Complete the tasks through imToken to receive Iliad NFT rewards.

Date (Singapore time)



Iliad NFT reward

Odyssey NFT reward

Week 1 

From now until June 29th 00:59 AM

Bridge week

Use any of the 19 bridge applications officially provided by Arbitrum to bridge ETH onto Arbitrum

Click to view the video tutorial: Hop; cBridge

Earth NFT

Officially announced by Arbitrum, and you can follow Arbitrum's official Twitter

Condition: A bridge you use has the highest ETH volume at the end of the first week of activities

Moon NFT

👉 Week 2

June 29th 01:00 AM - July 5th 00:59 AM

Yield Protocol

Complete one of the following tasks:

1. borrow >$100 worth of assets
2. lend > $50 worth of assets
3. provide liquidity with >$50 worth of assets

Click to view the video tutorial

Cancer NFT


Complete all of the following three tasks:
1. Complete a leveraged transaction
2. Complete an exchange
3. Mint GLP

Click to view the video tutorial


Week 3

July 5th - July 12th

Aboard Exchange

to be announced

Virgo NFT


to be announced

Libra NFT

Week 4

July 12th - July 19th


to be announced

Scorpio NFT


to be announced

Sagittarius NFT

Week 5 

July 19th - July 26th


to be announced

Capricorn NFT

Izumi/Yin Finance 

To be announced

Aquarius NFT

Week 6

July 26th - August 2nd


to be announced

Pisces NFT


to be announced

Aries NFT

Week 7

August 2nd - August 9th


to be announced

Taurus NFT


to be announced

Gemini NFT

Week 8

August 9th - August 16th


to be announced

Astronaut NFT


to be announced

Spaceship NFT

Designer Limited Edition NFT

Collect 12 or more of the 16 Iliad NFTs of week 1-8

Designer exclusive NFT


Collect 13 or more of the 16 Odyssey NFTs of week 1-8


Design by Ratwell & Sugoi Exclusive NFT


imToken, the best Layer 2 experience

Besides NFT rewards, we bring a couple of unique features you won’t find on any other wallet.

Exclusively on imToken:

  • 👀 Understand what’s happening: Decoded trade & account activity
  • 📊 Watch your DeFi Portfolio: Positions on Uniswap, SushiSwap, GMX, Dopex and many more
  • 📲 Get notified of changes in your balance via push notifications

Important for a reliable L2 experience:

  • 📸 Bridges, 40+ Arbitrum DApps & WalletConnect
  • 💹 Multiple price sources

Learn more about our Arbitrum wallet features:


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