We are celebrating imToken’s 5th anniversary. 5 years young people are usually just getting started, and so are we! With Decentraland’s help, we are launching our virtual headquarters in the Metaverse. Come over, find and participate in imToken's 5th Anniversary quiz, earn your rewards!



10:00 am 20/05 -  24:00 pm 27/05 (SGT)


  1. Visit the imToken virtual headquarters in Decentraland game website, and participate in  imToken's 5th Anniversary quiz;
    (Tips: The answers to all the questions are on the official website!)
  2. On May 28th, We will draw the winners live at the imToken parcel in Decentraland.


Special prize: 100 LON for 1 winner

First prize:  imKey + imToken T-shirt + imToken Mug (for 2 winners)

Second prize:  imToken T-shirt + imToken Mug ( for 5 winners)

Third prize:  imToken Notebook (for 7 winners )

How to participate?

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your computer and create a wallet
  2. Login to Decentraland by computer, open the link below: https://play.decentraland.org/?position=65%2C25&realm=fenrir-amber 
  3. Then you can go to imToken Virtual Headquarters (Location Coordinates: 65, 25) and participate in this campaign.