After the Ethereum merge, some miners forked the legacy PoW chain, and ETH holders got forked tokens such as ETHW on a one-to-one scale.

There are already many forked tokens such as ETHW, ETF, and ETS and more forked chains may emerge in the following days.

Unlike the Bitcoin network, after years of development of smart contracts on Ethereum, the DeFi lego on the network is very complicated.

Therefore, we do not suggest users to interact with the forked chains in a rush. After these chains become more stable, users can claim the forked tokens with help from professionals.

Take ETHW as an example here, we’ll walk you through the process of claiming forked tokens like ETHW by using the custom network feature of imToken.

How to Claim ETHW

1. Launch imToken and open your Ethereum wallet. Click “Ethereum” at the top to enter the “Network switch” page.


2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner to enter the “ETHEREUM Node Settings” page. Next, click “Add network” and “Customize”. Fill in the network name, the PRC address, chain ID, symbol, and the block explorer URL on the “Custom Node” page. Then click “Save” to continue.

The Node Information of the ETHW Network


3. The ETHW tokens will be shown on the wallet page after switching to ETHW-mainnet.


4. If you want to add other tokens on the network, you can click the “+” button on the “Wallet” page and choose “Custom Token”. Then, you can add them by entering their contract addresses.

The Node Information of Forked Tokens



Switching Back to Your Ethereum Wallet

On the “Network switch” page, choose “Ethereum” to switch back to your Ethereum wallet.


If you have any problem about ETHW, please reach out to the ETHW official team through:

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