Generally speaking, the reason why your imToken wallet can’t receive tokens is the sender (Exchange / individual) didn’t send you the token, so please confirm with the sender in time. 

Note: Some exchanges tips the token to be sent successful, when they actually are not.

How to confirm whether the sender has sent the token?

Method 1: (Simple)

Click the "+" button on the wallet page of the app and select "All my assets". If you do not see the token, or the amount of the token is incorrect, it means that the token has not been transferred to your wallet. You should contact the sender to transfer the token as soon as possible.

Method 2: (Professional)

  1. Open the Etherscan DApp from Browser page on the App
  2. Check if there is a new transfer to your address
  3. If there is no transfer record, means the token has not been transferred to your wallet.

If I send the coin to imToken but it is unsupported, what should I do?

imToken cannot manage unsupported tokens. If this happens, please contact the project technician to solve it.

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