1. Is imToken a wallet? 

imToken is an non-custodial digital wallet that helps users manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs on mainstream chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and Layer2 networks including Arbitrum, Optimism and zkSync.  imToken also features decentralized exchanges and a DApp browser. You can learn more about imToken by visiting its official website https://token.im.

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2. Is imToken a cold wallet?  

imToken is a software wallet. If you use imToken without an Internet connection, it is a cold wallet; if you use imToken while connected to the Internet, imToken is a hot wallet.

Also, for best security on large amounts of crypto, consider our hardware wallet, imKey.

3. Is imToken wallet good? 

Yes, imToken is a good wallet. Since its founding in 2016, imToken has provided secure and reliable digital token management service for 15 million users in over 150 countries and regions around the world. With imToken, users can easily manage their tokens, identities, and data in the blockchain world.

We build our wallet to safeguard your tokens

  • As a non-custodial wallet, you keep your private key, we don’t. So no one can move your tokens but you.
  • Risk control system to warn about fake tokens and risky DApps and reduce your risk of being scammed.
  • Third party security audit by reputable firms such as SlowMist and PeckShield.
  • Optional proprietary hardware wallet “imKey” to add a layer of security and protection from external cyber threats. 

We build our wallet to make managing digital tokens easy

  • A single wallet to manage tokens on multi-chains and EVM-compatible chains.
  • Support for roll-up scaling solutions to take advantage of lower gas fees.
  • In-app token swap powered by Tokenlon DEX.
  • easily participate in blockchain activities and get the incentives provided by the blockchain by using imToken.
  • Connect to DeFi and DApps directly within imToken wallet, or through WalletConnect on desktop 

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4. Where is imToken located?  

imToken is headquartered in Singapore with offices in three countries and regions.

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5. How old is imToken?

imToken was founded in 2016.

6. Who is the founder of imToken?  

imToken was co-founded by Bin He (imToken founder & CEO) and others in 2016.

7. Who owns imToken wallet? 

imToken is a decentralized wallet co-founded by Bin He (imToken founder & CEO) and others in 2016. imToken users hold their own private keys and have full control over their tokens.

8. What is imToken used for? 

You can use imToken to manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs on mainstream chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum and Layer 2 networks such as Arbitrum and Optimism. imToken also supports decentralized exchanges and the DApp browser.

9. What is imToken?

imToken is a non-custodial digital wallet. You can visit https://token.im to download the wallet App.

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