Please choose the corresponding solution according to the error you got.

Error “invalid mnemonic”

This happens because some of the words in your mnemonic aren’t in the BIP39 wordlist. You should find out the right words according to the wordlist.

Error “Incorrect length of Mnemonic Phrase”

This happens because the length of the mnemonic you imported is not 12/18/24 words. You need to check if you missed a word or entered an extra word

Error “incorrect mnemonic checksum”

To solve this error, we should understand what checksum is first. A checksum is the 12th word in your mnemonic, which is generated according to the first 11 words. It can also be used to verify the first 11 words. You may encounter this error under the following scenarios:

  1. You changed the word order.
  2. One of these words isn’t in the BIP39 wordlist.

Both of these cases are caused by a wrong backup of your mnemonic, so we suggest you to find the correct one.