imToken's Bitcoin (BTC) wallet supports two types of addresses: Legacy addresses starting with “1” and SegWit addresses starting with “3”.

When creating or importing a wallet and adding a Bitcoin account, the default address type is Nested SegWit (P2SH) with the path "m/49'/0'/0'," which corresponds to addresses starting with “3”. However, you can also add Legacy addresses starting with 1.

How to add

1. Open imToken and navigate to "My Profile" - "Manage Wallets" - "Add"
2. In the "Add account to wallet" page, find the “Bitcoin” network icon in the Layer 1 section and click the three dot in the upper-right corner
3. Select "Advanced" and switch to "Legacy (Original BTC address format)" and click "Confirm"

4. Check "+" below the "Bitcoin" network and click "Confirm"

5. Return to the wallet page to access the newly added Legacy address account.


1. Transactions initiated by SegWit addresses pay less miner fees than those initiated by General addresses.

2. Although you can toggle between General address and SegWit address, they are two different wallet accounts. So your funds in a General address will not be displayed in the corresponding SegWit address.