imToken supports two formats of Bitcoin addresses, namely, General (Legacy) and SegWit.

When importing a BTC wallet, you can choose the format of address to be imported. After importing, you can also switch the address format according to your preferences.

How to switch address format

1. Click the menu button in the top left corner of imToken, and click “BTC” to enter the BTC wallet page

2. Click ">" in the top right corner of the BTC wallet, and then click "Advanced" - "Toggle Address Type"

  • Select "General", you can switch to the General (Legacy) address beginning with 1.
  • Select "SegWit", you can switch to the SegWit address beginning with 3.


1. Transactions initiated by SegWit addresses pay less miner fees than those initiated by General addresses.

2. Although you can toggle between General address and SegWit address, they are two different wallet accounts. So your funds in a General address will not be displayed in the corresponding SegWit address.