Before withdrawing tokens from Huobi to imToken, you need to know what digital currencies are supported by imToken. You can not receive the transferred tokens from the exchange if they are not supported by imToken.

How to Withdraw tokens from Huobi Global to imToken?

1. Choose the Token You Want to Withdraw

Open the Huobi Global App and click “Assets” - “Withdraw” to choose the token you want to withdraw.


2. Check Whether the Token Is Supported by imToken or Not

Check whether imToken supports the token or not according to its “Withdrawal Network” shown in the exchange. For instance, USDT can be withdrawn through ERC20, TRC20, HECO, BEP20, OMNI, ALGO, SOL, and AVAXCCHAIN (Avalanche C-Chain). However, ALGO and SOL networks are not supported by imToken.


3. Choose the Withdrawal Network

You can withdraw USDT from Huobi to imToken through ERC20, TRC20, HECO, BEP20, OMNI, and AVAXCCHAIN.

  • ERC-20 is a token standard on Ethereum. ERC20 tokens can be managed by ETH wallets. Its withdrawal is fast but the fees are relatively high. 
  • TRC20 is a token standard on TRON. TRC20 tokens can be managed by TRX wallets. Its withdrawal is fast and the fees are low. 
  • BEP20 is a token standard on BSC (BNB Smart Chain). BEP20 tokens can be managed by BSC wallets. Its withdrawal is fast and the fees are low. 
  • OMNI: OMNI USDT is a cryptocurrency issued on the Bitcoin blockchain and can be managed by BTC wallets. Its withdrawal is slow and the fees are high. 
  • AVAXCCHAI is the default smart contract blockchain on Avalanche, so tokens withdrawn through this network can be managed by Avalanche wallets. Its withdrawal is fast and the fees are low. 
  • HECO, shorthand for Huobi ECO, is a blockchain developed by the exchange Huobi. Tokens withdrawn through this network can be managed by HECO wallets. Its withdrawal is fast and the fees are low.

Gas fee should be paid with a specific token for follow-up transactions from your wallet. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough gas fee tokens in your wallet.

  • At least 0.02 ETH in your ETH wallet.
  • At least 10 TRX in your TRX wallet.
  • At least 0.0005 BNB in your BSC wallet.
  • At least 0.0001 BTC in your BTC wallet
  • At least 0.001 AVAX in your Avalanche wallet.
  • At least 0.0001 HT in your HECO wallet.

Note: gas fee is charged by the blockchain network, not imToken.

4. Copy the Wallet Address

Open imToken and click the menu button at the top left corner to select the wallet that you want to transfer to. For instance, you should choose the ETH wallet if you want to withdraw USDT to it. In your ETH wallet, click “Receive” - “Copy” to copy the wallet address.


5. Enter the Copied Address in Huobi Global

In the Huobi Global App, paste the copied ETH wallet address on the withdraw page, select ERC20 and enter the amount. Then click “withdraw” and complete verification for the withdrawal. After the exchange shows “withdrawal successful”, you can see the transferred tokens in imToken.



1. Why are the transferred tokens not shown in imToken?

There are three common reasons:

Reason 1: the tokens haven’t been sent by the exchange.

In this case, please reach out to customer service of the exchange.

Reason 2: the transferred tokens are not supported by imToken.

Check whether you have transferred unsupported tokens according to this blog Which chains and tokens does imToken support?. If so, please reach out to the project team of that token to help you retrieve your funds.

Reason 3: you chose HECO when withdrawing

The tokens have been transferred to your HECO wallet in imToken if you selected HECO network when withdrawing. You can see the token by following the steps below:

  • Open the ETH wallet, click "Ethereum"at the top, and click "Huobi ECO Chain" to switch to the HECO wallet.
  • Click "+" - "Custom Token" on the wallet page, fill in the contract address of the token, and click "Save" after Symbol and Decimal are automatically filled.
  • Return to the wallet page, and you can see your tokens.

2. Why Should I Backup the Mnemonic When Using imToken?

As a self-custodial wallet, imToken does not store users’ mnemonics. In other words, it cannot be retrieved once users lose their mnemonics. Given that, to better protect your tokens, please carefully backup your mnemonic.

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3. Why Does My EOS Wallet Show “Pending Creation”?

According to the EOS official regulations, users need to pay a certain fee for registration before they can use the EOS wallet.

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4. How to Reach out to Customer Service of Huobi Global?

Click “Support” in the exchange App if you meet any problems.

Disclaimer: The token trading service is provided by a third party, and this article does not constitute any investment advice.