Update on imBTC Operations: Tokenlon to cease cross-chain gateway services


Please click on the homepage of your ETH wallet, go to "Wrap" - "Wrap Bitcoin," and choose either imBTC or WBTC. If you have BTC to redeem in your wallet, you will see a "Redeem" button. Click on "Redeem" and follow the prompts to redeem your BTC.

If you are unable to redeem imBTC or WBTC that you hold, it may be due to the following reasons:

  •  imBTC or WBTC was acquired through an exchange.
  • The minimum redemption amount of 0.01 BTC has not been met.

Alternatively, you can use Tokenlon's swap feature to exchange imBTC or WBTC for tokens like USDT.

Note:In order to make imBTC tokens more compliant, the dividend rights for holding imBTC have been canceled. Users holding imBTC are advised to promptly convert it to other tokens. For more details, refer to the <Changes to Bitcoin Cross-Chain Gateway Services>. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] to contact the Tokenlon team for further assistance.

Disclaimer: The token trading service is provided by a third party, and this article does not constitute any investment advice.