Please follow the steps below

  1. Open your XTZ wallet -> Choose the token you want to send
  2. Click "Send" and enter the amount and recipient’s address
  3. Click "Next" and pay the miner fee


  1. You need to pay some XTZ as the miner fee, and it is recommended to have at least 0.01 XTZ in your wallet
  2. The miner fee is charged by the Tezos network rather than imToken.


  1. Transfer funds to exchanges: Please select the "XTZ" top-up network on the exchange and enter the address provided by the exchange into the imToken recipient address box.
  2. Transfer funds to other wallets: Please enter the XTZ wallet address into the imToken recipient address box.

Disclaimer: The exchange service is provided by a third party, and this article does not constitute any investment advice.