Generally speaking, there are four possibilities for losing a wallet:

1. When you delete the wallet without backup

We recommend that you back up the wallet immediately after creating the wallet, adopting double backup and multiple backup strategies. When we are talking about double backup, we mean using both Keystore and Mnemonic phrase. Multiple backup refers to verifying that the backup is correct after backing up Keystore and Mnemonic phrase. Make sure they are verified repeatedly and confirmed without errors.

2. Forgot the Keystore password

We recommend that you use a strong password to encrypt the Keystore and use password management tools such as 1password or LastPass to properly to securely store the passwords and prevent them from being forgotten.

3. Lost Private key

The Private key includes Mnemonic phrase, Keystore, and plaintext Private key. You must be careful when you back up your wallets and ensure that your passwords are written legibly and stored securely so you can find the Private key at any time.

4.Incorrect backup

You need to verify whether the previously backed up Mnemonic phrase was incorrect. The imToken APP can manage multiple wallet addresses, you want to make sure you have recorded the correct address for the wallet you want to import. Because each address has a corresponding mnemonic. For example, you have two addresses called A and B, you want to import A but actually imported B, So you should check it.