• Withdraw tokens from exchange need to be verified. If the transaction has not been verified by the exchange, please contact the support of the exchange.

Then you can check whether the transaction is successful through Etherscan  https://etherscan.io (support Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens).

• After verified by the exchange, the package by miners needs to be done to confirm the transaction. If the transaction is verified by the exchange but you can not find it on Etherscan, it means that miners have not packaged yet.

• If you can not find the transaction record on Etherscan long time after the exchange verified it, maybe the transaction failed. Please contact the exchange for help.

• If you already found the transaction record on Etherscan but the tokens are not shown in imToken, then you can refresh the main page by pulling down the page. You can also try to switch to a better mobile network.