1. Send
Ordinary Send

Click "Assets" in the upper right hand corner then choose the wallet you want to transfer to


Go back to the "Assets" tab, click on the asset type you want to transfer (eg. ETH) then click "Send"


Enter the Receiver's Address, enter the Amount, enter the transfer notes information, adjust the Mining Fee then confirm

Note: Transfer speed depends on the level of the Miners Fee

  • Enter the Payment Request Request then confirm



  • Click "Advance," Enter the Custom GAS price then Enter the data(Note: Hexadecimal transaction data: 0x at the beginning of hexadecimal data to create a contract or call a contract. For more information, please refer to the web3.js sendTransaction document)


2. Receive
Method One :

  • In the "Asset" tab, click the purse address and fill in the amount of payment


Method Two :

  • In the "Asset" tab, click the asset type you want to collect (eg. ETH) and click to receive


  • (Optional) Fill in the amount of money, enter the QR code and automatically refresh