What is bandwidth and energy?

1. The bandwidth represents the number of bytes of the transaction size. For example, if the transfer transaction size is 250 bytes, it will consume 250 bandwidth.
2. Energy represents the time spent on smart contract execution. For example, if smart contract execution consumes 100 μs, it consumes 100 energy.

How to get bandwidth and energy?

1. Freeze TRX to get bandwidth or energy, and resource prices fluctuate with the amount of resources and frozen resources provided by the entire network.
2. Obtain energy or bandwidth after freezing TRX and get TRON Power for voting.
3. The resource needs to be thawed for 3 days (starting at the time of freezing), thaw will return TRX, and the corresponding resources and TRON Power will be removed.


1. All transactions need to consume bandwidth, such as transfer and smart contract calls
2. Some transactions need to consume energy, such as smart contract calls (TRC-20 transfer and DApp use)
3. The activation account has a free 5000 bandwidth resource every 24 hours and can be used for more than 10 free transfers per day for TRX and TRX-10 tokens.
4. The bandwidth and energy resources consumed will gradually recover within 24 hours.