Smart contract-based decentralized trading

Secure, reliable and seamless mobile trading experience


Secure trading at your fingertips

Trustless token-to-token exchange, based on Kyber Network and 0x Protocol.

Instant Exchange

Mobile token-to-token exchanges available 24/7.

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Order Book and Spot Trading

Make and take orders to desired prices. On-chain settlement, off-chain order book for fast trading with zero counterparty risk.

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Why Trust Tokenlon

private key

Full control of the Keys

Private keys stored on your phone give you complete custody of your assets, while instantly trading.

low risk

Trustless system

Transparent and secure trading through smart contracts, without ever having to trust third-parties.

privacy safe

Enhanced privacy protection

Preserving your privacy: Trading on Tokenlon, your funds never leave your wallet, until you decide to do so

How it works

tokenlon work tokenlon work

DApp browser

Readily available Tokenlon SDK for development of powerful decentralized financial tools and services.


Tokenlon's DEX gateway layer encapsulates 0x and Kyber protocols, empowering developers to build robust applications.


The decentralized transaction protocol is built on top of the blockchain, achieving trustless and robust business logic.


Trustless value exchanges or storage with Ethereum blockchain infrastructure; Collaboration with cross-chain protocols Cosmos and Polkadot will realise value transfer across blockchains.