imToken is set to revolutionize digital payments with the upcoming launch of imToken Card, a groundbreaking credit card leveraging on-chain data. Pre-registration is now open, and we invite you to be among the first to experience a seamless integration of on-chain data with everyday payments. Enjoy a collateral-free credit limit and a low token top-up fee as we embark on a new chapter in the digital journey together.

From your first wallet to your first card

Over the last 7 years, imToken has grown in tandem with our users, observing the dynamic evolution of the digital assets sector. For many, imToken serves not only as their first digital wallet but also as a reliable companion in navigating Web3.

Today, we are excited to unveil imToken Card, built on on-chain data. This card aligns with Mastercard standards, ensuring that wherever Mastercard is accepted by merchants, you can seamlessly enjoy the convenient payment services provided by imToken Card."

Card offerings

1. Get instant credit for instant spending
imToken Card innovates with a new model, providing a credit limit of up to 500 SGD. No token top-up or complex setup before first use, users can effortlessly enjoy a variety of services such as everyday purchases, online shopping, and subscription by simply activating the card.

2. Top-up to lift spending limits, without limits
With imToken, users can conveniently pay their bills or elevate their spending limits by simply topping up. Combining imToken and imToken Card provides increased flexibility in daily expenses and strengthens your purchasing power.

3. First-year annual fee waived, exclusive benefits
Users enjoy waived annual fee for the first year, along with exclusive benefits such as discounts on products like imKey.

How to pre-register?

imToken Card is available in a limited quantity for the initial release. To increase your chances of passing the pre-registration review, please connect with the Ethereum wallet you used most frequently.

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If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

imToken Team