With regards to the ever-increasing number of airdrop tokens (also known as “Candy”) recently, imToken would like to clarify our stand on airdrop activities.

1. imToken is unable to claim any airdrop on behalf of users. The question on whether imToken supports a particular airdrop is irrelevant.

imToken is a decentralized wallet, the private keys of each wallet is held solely by respective users, all wallet’s interaction with blockchain will therefore have to be executed by users. This is starkly different to the custodial asset management system for centralized exchanges.

imToken team would like to clarify that we are not able to claim any airdrop on behalf of users, but users can conduct the necessary claiming procedures using imToken as a tool. Currently, imToken supports all ERC-20 compatible tokens and being a decentralized wallet, it is irrelevant to question whether imToken supports a certain airdrop tokens.

2. imToken will not publish any airdrop related tutorials and announcements.

There is an increasing number of airdrop tokens that comes in many forms and require different claiming procedures, it will be impossible for imToken to keep track of all of the upcoming airdrops. imToken will not publish any airdrop related tutorials and announcements in the future. Users are advised to follow the relevant projects community for updates and information.

3. imToken to conduct risk assessment for tokens with large influence in the community

Airdrops have been adopted by increasing number of projects as a new form of marketing tool. There were some successful airdrop cases like Status, OmiseGo and Kyber that brought about positive growth to the community but we have also seen airdrops being used as baits for phishing, fraudulent activities, or posing threats to an otherwise healthy community.

imToken will therefore partner with prominent and relevant projects in the ecosystem to conduct a comprehensive screening and investigation to identify potential fraudulent airdrop systems to minimize potential negative impacts on the growth of blockchain ecosystem. At the same time, we hope that all users will remain vigilant for all airdrop projects, and let us know if you recognize any suspicious activities via [email protected].

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are tokens issued by specific projects, to be received by users, with specific rules, parameters and collection methods.

What is a Candy?

Since airdrops are tokens issued by the project and users are able to receive them free of charge in their respective wallets, it is also commonly known as “Candy”.

Processing high-risk tokens

For different risk levels, we have distinctive solutions

  • Tag token, ⚠️ High risk/abnormal ☠️ Fraudulent / Counterfeit
  • Reminders on potential risks during transfers (only supported in imToken 2.0)
  • Removing token from imToken display list, users will not be able to search for the token, but it will still be visible for users who own the token.
  • Risk notifications, risk warnings will be published through official channels.