Open your imToken wallet and select "Browser" in the bottom navigation bar to enter the web browser.

The Web Browser supports the following functions:

Searching and Accessing Web3 Pages

The imToken web browser is like a web3 page search engine for accessing web3 pages from ETH, EOS, and TRON networks. You can seamlessly search and access web3 pages by entering names and URLs or scanning QR codes.

Note: The web browser is an open feature. Even though you can directly search and access web3 pages via imToken, we don't have any cooperative relationship or endorse them! Any risks associated with their usage fall entirely on you. Therefore, we urge you to be cautious when interacting with any web3 page to mitigate potential risks.

Booking and Managing Web3 Pages

How to Add Web3 Pages to Your Favorites Lists

  • Open the web3 page you want to bookmark and click the meatballs menu "..." in the upper right corner
    Click the "Add to lists" button
  • Click "Save" to bookmark. You can also choose an existing list name or enter a new list name to classify web3 pages


The bookmarking function supports collection of all web3 pages that can be accessed in imToken
Click "Manage" on the "Browser" page to edit your web3 pages favorite list

If you want to learn more about web3 pages collection and management functions, please check this tutorial.


This function displays the web3 pages that the user has recently used. Click "All" to view and edit your list of recently used web3 pages.


This feature recommends the most popular and latest web3 pages so that everyone can notice the trending web3 pages in the digital asset space and probably explore them.

Note: Currently, the recommended section is only supported in Android.

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