Select the “Browser” tab at the bottom of imToken to enter the DApp browser. DApp browser supports the following functions:


DApp browser is like a DApp search engine,we support

  1. Enter name to search for DApp
  2. Enter URL to access any ETH, EOS, TRON DApp
  3. Scan QR code to log in to DApp

DApp visit

Select a DApp and authorize to access it


To show recently used DApp, click「All」to check recent records

My favorites

How to put the DApp into favorite list

  1. Open the DApp and click the top right 「...」button;
  2. Click 「Favorite」button;


  • Favorite feature is only available to listed DApps
  • Click "All" to manage favorites list

Recommended DApp

This column will recommend DApps to let everyone know about the latest or the most popular DApps in the community. We recommend you to always pay attention to it.