What we’ve learnt from Annual Meeting

In the past 2018, the bear market has "expanded" the vision of both ordinary users and project parties, and things can always develop in an unexpected direction. But like the beautiful Chinese saying shows: 「种树者必培其根,种德者必养其心」, meaning those who plant trees must cultivate their roots, and those who plant virtue must cultivate their hearts. up.

2019, if you still have expectations for the blockchain, then we share the same vision.


Introducing Biometric Verification Feature

One of the most fundamental functions of a wallet is the transaction execution. Manually inputting passwords for every transaction is not the best practice. Now you can experience seamless and immediate payment while ensuring security in imToken 2.0. Find out more.

How to experience: Download imToken 2.0, official website:



Introducing 12,000 users to Maker CDP

Introducing ethereum-based DApps to users is already hard, but making those fun and useful is an even bigger challenge. The threshold for using DApps is comparatively high, especially for financial DApps.

However, in the activity with MakerDAO, more than 30,000 users participated in the event, and 40% of them experienced the “Maker CDP” for the first time. If you have an in-depth understanding and realize that these operations are not controlled by a centralized organization, you may feel a little surprised.

Similar Defi (Decentralized Finance) products are emerging. Perhaps in the future, decentralized financial management will become the first choice of investors.


Free Kyber Hongbaos

This is a pure blessing for the Spring Festival. Users were able to experience Kyber Swap without any roadblocks, simply opening the DApp and using it..

If you missed this Kyber red envelope event, don't be discouraged, there will be more activities waiting for you to participate in the future, let us surprise you!


What comes next for our imToken 2.0 users

A series of new features have been scheduled, remember to update to the latest version and enjoy!