imToken currently supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, and Cosmos.

For public chains that are not supported by imToken, users need to confirm that the recipient address belongs to the same network when transferring, so as to avoid token loss caused by tokens’ transfer between different chains.


  • Since the recent ZIL project mainnet launch, users are required to complete the mainnet mapping. The current ZIL project provides the same mainnet address format as Ethereum, but without the 0x in the beginning, such as: d93cef06297cabe1270bd44e8323b9947045a8ac. Since the ZIL’s algorithm for generating addresses by public key is different from Ethereum, any ERC20 ZIL that is mistakenly transferred to the ZIL mainnet address cannot be retrieved.
  • The address format of the mainnet projects such as VeChain and WanChain is the same as that of Ethereum. If you mistransferred, you will not be able to retrieve it as well.
  • ETC is the fork of Ethereum, and the algorithm for deriving the public key by private key encryption is consistent with Ethereum. If you accidentally transfer, you can retrieve it through the "ETC Retrieve" DApp in imToken.

Finally, please remember:

When transferring ERC20 tokens, please be sure to confirm that the recipient address belongs to the Ethereum network to avoid token loss.