As we all know, Telegram Group has always been the main channel for crypto users to communicate something. Because Telegram is too open, there are a lot of scammers or fakes on it, like:

  • arbitrage fraud
  • fake imToken official technical support
  • fake imToken airdrop

Therefore, after a long time consideration by the imToken team, we decided to revoke Telegram from June 10th, 2019:

  1. We will remove the Telegram link from our APP and website
  2. We will dissolve the original official Telegram group, but Telegram will retain as "imToken Fans group" for communication between users
  3. There will be no imToken official customer service in any Telegram groups
  4. Telegram group will be handed over to the robot management. The robot does not have the user support capability.

All Telegram user needs to pay attention to:

  • Anyone who claims to be imToken official in the telegraph group to provide user support is a liar!
  • Anyone who helps you solve problems through a telegram private chat may be a liar!
  • Anyone who wants your private key or mnemonic is a liar! Do not leak it in any situations
  • Don't try to solve the problem by Telegram. Please remember the offcial channel: [email protected]
  • imToken airdrop plan will be public in Please go to the links above to check it
  • Don't trust the "arbitrage" in the telegraph group. It’s a liar!

Finally, imToken official channels: