"Wallet", "Market", "Browser", and "My Profile" are the pages offering the four main functions of imToken. New users can get the hang of the wallet by understanding those functions.

Wallet - Access Your Multi-Chain Tokens

imToken supports 35+ mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON, Arbitrum, and BSC. You can click the account selection button in the upper left corner of the "Wallet" page to switch to different accounts for token management.

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Market - Swap Your Tokens Safely and Instantly

On the market page, you can get updated on the latest market trend. Also, safe and instant token swapping is available in Tokenlon.

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imToken 功能简介 - 02 - EN.pngBrowser - Get Access to DApps

imToken features a built-in DApp browser allowing you to enter any DApp on the browser page to visit and use DApps.

Alternatively, you can find popular DApps by searching their name, such as "Uniswap".

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My Profile - Manage Your imToken Wallet

On the "My Profile" page, you can manage your imToken wallet through "Manage wallets" and "Settings", including backing up the Mnemonic, logging in with your Touch/Face ID, and switching to different languages. If you want to learn more about imToken and how to protect your tokens, please check out "Support and Feedback".

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