What Is “Recover Identity”?

After creating an identity, you can re-enter your identity wallet through “Recover Identity” in imToken if you exit the wallet or switch to another mobile device.



How to Recover Your Identity?

  1. Click “Recover Identity”
  2. Enter the Mnemonic
  3. Set the "Password"
  4. Recover Your Identity


  • You can only recover your identity through the Mnemonic. If you don't have the Mnemonic, but have a private key or Keystore, you can refer to How to import private key and keystore to use the wallet
  • Your wallet password is applicable for all trades through the wallets under this identity.
  • You are the only one who knows the wallet password so please keep it safe. imToken can not help you retrieve it.
  • You cannot recover an identity with the wrong Mnemonic.
  • You can check out Error “invalid” or “incorrect length” when importing mnemonic if you have any problem when importing mnemonic.

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