imToken 2.0 is a new app that does not overwrite the imToken version 1 app.

You can migrate your 1.0 wallet to 2.0 in two ways:

If you have a small number of wallets, try:

  1. Click on the recover identity of imToken 2.0
  2. Input the Mnemonic of theToken 1.0 wallet to recover your identity
  3. Via the "My Profile" page -> Manage your wallet -> Click on the "Add wallet" to manually import other wallets

If you have a large number of wallets, you can try:

  1. Open imToken 2.0 and Create an identity
  2. Go to the official website to upgrade imToken 1.0 to version 1.5.0. Use the "One-Click Migration" function to migrate all your wallets

If you do not have a Mnemonic:

Please refer to "How to import private key / Keystore" to complete the wallet migration