The latest Layer 2 to go mainnet, here is how to start

At imToken we recently added support for custom node connections. For you as a user that means, you are able to use DApps and send tokens on many new Layer 2 chains. Arbitrum is one Layer 2 that got more attention recently. So let’s dive into it below!

Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup. That’s a layer 2 solution which allows Ethereum smart contracts to scale by taking the load of the Ethereum mainnet while maintaining the promises of decentralization.

As a blockchain users Arbitrum brings some advantages to your experience with Ethereum applications:

  • Low cost and high throughput capabilities: Say goodbye to sky-high fees
  • With the same security guarantees as the Ethereum mainnet: Unlike using BSC, you actually get what you paid for
  • Privacy features

That’s why we expect more users wanting to try out Arbitrum, once the applications go live on their public mainnet, which should be soon! 

Application developers follow their users. And deploying their code on Arbitrum takes only a few steps since Arbitrum interoperates closely with Ethereum.

That’s why lots of apps already looked into Arbitrum: Uniswap, SushiSwap, Etherscan, CREAM, dForce, DODO … and many other projects already support or announced support for Arbitrum.

Arbitrum on imToken

The Arbitrum team already opened their chain for developers to start building applications on top. Soon (we were told😉) they will open their mainnet!

That’s why we already prepared for full Arbitrum support via imToken for you: 

  • Watch and manage token balances
  • Switch to Arbitrum in your wallet
  • Send and receive tokens

With the upcoming imToken update (coming soon):

  • Arbitrum now comes with cool color theme
  • Find and use Arbitrum DApps by entering Arbitrum on your Wallet page
  • Automatically get token information
  • Manage DeFi balances on Arbitrum

See our exclusive preview below.


These new features are coming in early July!


Now let’s see how you can start using Arbitrum on imToken.

Method 1: Switch to Arbitrum on your wallet screen

Enter the asset page of ETH wallet, click “Ethereum Mainnet” - “Arbitrum” to switch. Once launched you’ll find the mainnet on top of the testnet.


Method 2 (for experts): Add a custom node connection

Enter the asset page of ETH wallet, click “Ethereum Mainnet”. Then click “+” in the upper right corner,  click “Customize” to jump to the custom node page, and fill in the information of the Arbitrum Testnet chain.


Click on the top right corner to save after completing the form.

Receive and Transfer Funds

After switching to Arbitrum testnet Wallet, click “ETH” on the asset page to enter the page for receiving and transferring funds.

Receive money

Click “Receive”, copy the QR code or recipient’s address and send it to the other party.


Click on “Transfer” and enter the recipient's address and amount.


Try it and let us know your feedback~ 🥰