If you have deleted the wallet participating in non-custodial ETH staking from imToken and reimported it, your stake may not be displayed in your wallet.

This is because the staked ETH is on the Ethereum consensus layer. In previous imToken versions (before 2.12.0), deleting and reimporting the staking wallet would not automatically generate the consensus layer public key, hiding the staked ETH from the display.

You must create an Ethereum consensus layer public key in the management page of your ETH staking wallet to resolve the issue. Once created, you will see your corresponding staked ETH amount.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the "···" in the top right corner of the Wallet page.
  2. Click the "Ethereum consensus layer BLS key" on the management page.
  3. Click "Create."
  4. Return to the "ETH staking" page after successful creation to see the amount of your stake.