InfStones provides users the hardware to run validator nodes and 24/7 node maintenance services.

Since the launch of the Beacon Chain, InfStones has provided Ethereum staking services and validator node services to its institutional clients and is the infrastructure provider for Binance's Ethereum staking. To date, there have been zero security incidents, a 100% online rate, and staking yields 0.5% to 1% higher than the average yield across the network.

InfStones has operated thousands of nodes on over 50 public chains, accumulating extensive experience in node operation management. They have also independently developed a universal blockchain infrastructure platform, providing reliable support for the stable operation of nodes.

imToken will further expand the diversity of validator service providers in non-custodial ETH staking services and consider introducing DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) into the validator technology stack to further enhance the security of validator operation and maintenance.